Standard heating mantles


Our LabHEAT text standard heating mantles are traditionally manufactured products and are still made by hand work for all types of glass vessels. The flexible, crocheted heating element ensures even heat distribution and protective handling of laboratory flasks.
Heating mantles for 25 ml up to 20 litres round bottom flasks and associated accessories are delivered from stock. Custom designs for other types of vessels are available on request.


Metal-cased heating mantles


Our LabHEAT text metal-cased heating matles have an outer coat of chemical-resistant metal housing. In addition to the standards you can find heating mantles with controller, with multi-size element or equipped with an magnetic stirrer.
Serial bank heating units and heating mantles for beakers or other glass vessel types, are also a part of this product group.


Industrial heating mantles


For spherical vessels and cylindrical flanged vessels up to 200 litres capacity. They are made with woven fiberglass to achieve an optimal form fit and equipped with temperature sensores for monitoring the temperature.
Different models with appropiate regulation and control units ensure trouble free operation.


Heating tapes


Our flexible heating tapes cover a variety of application areas and are suitable for use in technical heating processes in temperature range up to 900°.
They are used for heating and compensating heat losses on form parts and pipes with small diameters and for constant use in laboratories and technical facilities, generally whereever testing equipment present.


Heating cables


Our flexible heating cables can be supplied a constant heating performance in pipings, machine parts or other form parts and are suitable for use in technical heating processes in temperature range up to 1000°C.


Heating mats


Our flexible heating mats are equipped with a uniformly laid, flat heating line.
They can be used for thermal processes requiring maximum resistance to high temperatures.
We offer heating mats in all sizes and forms for the most different applications.


Heating jackets


Our heating jackets are used for thermal operating processes and are suitable for complex designs and applications.
These products are designed and produced handmade to fit the part to be heated precisely. This is ensured by our engineers with their know how in technical layout of different types of heating systems.


Drum heaters


Our heating systems for standard drums with sizes up to 200 liters are produced in different versions with or without temperature controlling. Our drum heaters are available as simple, modular or complete integrated solutions and are also available in various configurations. They can be combined with bottom drum heater to further reduce heat loss or for faster heat up.


IBC- and Special heaters


We offer:

Heating systems for steel bottles in standard commercial dimensions or special versions

Plug-and-go tank and container (IBC) heaters for sizes up to 1000 litres for special applications


Controllers and Temperatures regulators


Our control units serve for optimum temperature monitoring on our heating products and can be used anywhere whether temperature maintenance or heat-up is required.
They are also used for protecting glass flask and their contents before inadmissible over-temperatures.
Our temperature regulators can be used for temperature ranges up to 1000°C with the appropriate types of sensors.


Temperatures sensors

KM 4Fühler

Our temperature sensors serve for the collection of temperatures and are been suitable for the most different operational areas with temperatures range up to 1000°C.
Other temperature sensors with other dimensions or other construction are available on request.




To ensure best possible installation, we offer a comprehensive product range of accessories with selected installation material intended for use with our products.


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New Products

Stirring heating mantle
series KM-MER             

Metal-cased heating mantle with separate switch magnetic stirrer
for stirring the medium in a round glass flask
with infinitely variable speed range
and for operating temperatures up to 450°C. read more.